Law Office of Irina Ribeiro

The Law Office of Irina Ribeiro is a law firm dedicated solely to the practice of Immigration Law. We assist U.S. and foreign businesses (employers & employees), families, and individuals in all aspects of immigration law. We believe in educating our clients about the immigration process to ensure they have both a strong understanding of the law and how it impacts their case.

Practice Areas

Marriage Visas

Lawful Permanent Residents or a U.S. Citizens may obtain lawful permanent residence status (a “green card”) for their foreign spouses.

Family Visas

Lawful Permanent Residents and U.S. Citizens may petition for their family members to immigrate to the United States. U.S. Citizens may be eligible to petition for their parents, children, and brothers and sisters.

Visas through Employment

A United States employer may sponsor a foreign employee for a visa to work in the United States through several categories.

Permanent Residency through Employment

The United States permits some foreign nationals with certain skills, education, and/or work experience to become permanent residents (obtain a green card).

Perm Labor Certification

PERM is the U.S. Department of Labor’s most recent program for permanent labor certification program. Labor certification is the most widely used employment-based opportunity for obtaining a green card.

Artist Visas

The O and P visa categories often referred to as “Artist Visas,” are the most common visas obtained for foreign artists, entertainers, and athletes who would like to come to the United States.

Student Visas

The following visas may be available to persons who are interested in studying in the United States:

Citizenship And Naturalization

Permanent residents can apply for naturalization (U.S. citizenship) if they meet certain requirements. Naturalization can be made complex by eligibility issues such as prior criminal record, disruption in continuous physical presence, fraud, and tax issues.


If you have entered the United States and are fearful of returning to your country of origin because you may be subject to persecution, you may be eligible to apply for asylum.

Visas for Victims of a Crime

Victims of certain crimes who have suffered mental or physical abuse and are helpful to law enforcement in the investigation of a crime may be eligible for a visa.

Deporatation And Removal Defense

The U.S. federal government may force someone to leave the United States by placing them in removal (deportation) proceedings.

Waivers for Grounds of Inadmissibility

The United States government may find some people applying for certain visas are “inadmissible” to the United States. People may become “inadmissible” to the United States when they violate immigration law.

Appeals & Motions

If you have been ordered deported in Immigration Court, had your family-based petition denied by the USCIS, or if you have received some other form of adverse decision from an immigration body, you may be able to file an appeal.